Career and Technical Education Instructors

Use professional GIS software in CTE and technology classes

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Geospatial technology professionals in many industries use ArcGIS to integrate geographic data from drones, GPS, image processing, CAD, and other sources. Students preparing for the workforce use the same software as professionals to understand complex situations and solve problems. Turn mobile devices, laptops, servers, and web browsers into workhorses for data science.

Esri Schools Program

Our future depends on youth ready to address challenges large and small. The Esri Schools Program provides resources for career and technical education (CTE) instructors that build student skills for college, career, and civic engagement through a geographic approach.


What you can do

Use professional GIS software

Use industry-standard GIS tools to solve real-world problems. Build the workforce of tomorrow with online and desktop software, supported by professional training resources.

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Create your own maps

Create, save, and share maps that explore industry-oriented situations and community issues. Use provided data or generate your own. Transform spreadsheets, documents, images, and observations into a map.

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Discover data science

The world runs on intelligence derived from data. Perform analysis and configure maps to highlight key patterns and relationships. Experience advanced analysis including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Integrate with other technologies

ArcGIS integrates with other powerful systems you use. Harness the geographic power within your GPS, CAD, remotely sensed, and document data.

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Expand career opportunities

Solve real-world problems using industry-standard GIS tools. Build skills for college, career, and community involvement. Develop abilities in investigation, design, project management, data management, analysis, and more. Assemble your work into a cohesive digital portfolio.

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Student maps protect the unhoused from wildfires

High school students used web maps, GIS, and infrared tech to show high-risk fire areas where homeless populations live to help wildfire response.

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Free software for instruction

Ready to create, save, and share maps? Get a license. Accounts are free for teachers, students, and mentors to use for instruction.

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