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Increase students’ job readiness by building their professional GIS skills.

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Professionals in many industries use ArcGIS to integrate geographic data from drones, GPS, satellites, CAD/BIM, and other sources. Students preparing for the workforce use the same software as professionals to understand complex situations and solve problems. Build student skills for college, career, and civic engagement through a geographic approach.

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Explore GIS in CTE

GIS is taught in career and technical education (CTE) as a component of many different clusters, pathways, courses, and units. Data analysis is a key skill in many fields, including agriculture and natural resources, computer science, engineering, public safety, health care, and biomedical science.

Explore GIS in CTE
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Get free professional GIS software

Get free, industry-standard GIS tools to solve real-world problems. Several desktop, web, and mobile software products are included. If you are new to GIS, start with ArcGIS Online—a web-based, cross-platform tool—and then move to ArcGIS Pro, which requires Microsoft Windows.

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Learn to use ArcGIS

Esri provides free training resources along with ArcGIS, its flagship software. From online courses to books and tutorials, CTE Instructors willl find resources to build skills—and those of students.

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Earn a CTE certificate

Prove your GIS competency by earning an industry-standard technical certification. Learners with 150 hours of GIS-focused coursework (at least a year of experience) using both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro are good candidates for the Esri GIS Fundamentals Foundation exam.

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Find GIS-enabled careers

Explore GIS-enabled careers and learn how GIS is used in engineering, computer science, natural resource management, health, agriculture and many other areas.

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Student maps protect the unhoused from wildfires

High school students used web maps, GIS, and infrared tech to show high-risk fires areas where homeless populations live to help wildfire response.

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Free software for instruction

Get free, industry-standard GIS tools to solve real-world problems. Complete the form to request software for your career and technical education instruction. Several desktop, web, and mobile software products are included.

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