Teach with GIS and bring interactive maps to your classroom

A portion of the Earth taken by satellite surrounded by black outer space

Enhance teaching and learning

Maps are powerful tools that expand students’ understanding of the world, its physical systems, and human populations. Interactive, digital maps increase engagement and support deep exploration of material. With maps, students can gain greater understanding and build critical thinking skills.

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Explore your world

Investigate the world using 2D and 3D maps. Use curated and standards-based map content that supports your existing curriculum. Use National Geographic MapMaker to create your own maps and share them with your students.

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A map of Southern California with the majority of the region shaded in reds, oranges, and yellows

Teach academic content

Enhance student learning with easy-to-use, inquiry-based activities that cover a wide range of subjects. With GeoInquiries, you can use maps to teach content standards in an engaging way.

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Teach GIS skills

Set your students on meaningful and rewarding career paths. GIS technology opens up a world of opportunity for your students.

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A map displaying a complex, interconnected network of routes

Empower project-based learning

Let your students dive into topics with solo and collaborative projects. Use GIS to explore questions, generate data, and build maps to solve problems.

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A cluster map of the eastern United States displaying concentrations of data with circles of different sizes and colors

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