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GIS for school and district mapping and operations

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The business of a school requires managing a complex operation. GIS boosts demographic analysis, facilities management, campus health and safety, and other operations. ArcGIS, the industry-leading GIS software, enables analysts, data creators, and policy makers to see patterns and make informed decisions.

ArcGIS for school administration

Every dollar saved in administration is another dollar to put toward instruction. Use ArcGIS for school administration to understand and implement new strategies for a stronger school or district.


What you can do

Enhance campus health and safety

Protect your school community from threats large and small. Situational awareness is valuable under normal conditions and priceless when problems arise. Get to know the health of your people and of mission-critical resources that keep everyone safe.

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Conduct demographic analysis and forecasting

Better understand the character of your community and how it's changing. Improve resource allocation to meet needs. Define the attendance zones that best serve your residents.

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Optimize transportation and logistics

Improve routing efficiency, from bus schedules and student drop-off zones to delivery of meals and classroom necessities.

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Modernize facility management

Know the status of your facilities to best support student learning. Be prepared to handle new challenges outside your control.

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Foster accountability

Use The Science of Where to analyze how your district is working. Look inside the standards and assessments to find the patterns. Measure, document, and share performance across a variety of metrics.

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Case study

San Bernardino County goes beyond K–12 with GIS

San Bernadino County Superintendent of Schools launched the Cradle-to-Career Roadmap, spurring the creation of a singular, GIS-based open data portal.

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Software for Administrative Use

An Administrative Use Department License provides core components of the ArcGIS platform for research, operations, transportation, facilities management, and other tasks.

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