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Youth Club Leaders and Parents

Bring map activities and projects to your clubs and kids

An aerial photo of a school surrounded by greenery and residential neighborhoods, and a small photo of three smiling students sharing a laptop with sunlit trees in the background

Data surrounds and influences us. Outside the classroom, students can evaluate, understand, collect, and analyze information by using GIS to turn data into maps and apps. A problem to solve becomes a project that turns kids into collaborators working on service learning, data science, and solution design.

Esri Schools Program

Our future depends on youth ready to address challenges large and small. The Esri Schools Program provides resources for youth club leaders and parents that engage students beyond the classroom, preparing them to understand complex issues through a geographic approach.


What you can do

Design and complete projects

Use GIS to explore questions, generate data, and build maps to illuminate solutions. Students can work hands-on with technology, diving into topics of interest through solo and collaborative projects.

A closeup photo of a casually dressed student holding a piece of yellow and black scanning equipment at ground level in a rocky green field

Use maps and apps

Build knowledge and critical thinking skills by exploring existing maps and apps. Find content from within your local community, across the continent, and around the world.

Five casually dressed students sharing laptops and study materials at a wooden picnic table on an outdoor patio

Create your own maps

Create, save, and share your own vision in a map that communicates your story. Use provided data or add your own. Perform analysis and configure the map to highlight key patterns and relationships.

A photo taken over the shoulder of a person using a computer, the screen of which is displaying an aerial photo of a large facility rooftop surrounded by trees

Collect and map data

Data sources abound and everything happens somewhere. Transform spreadsheets, documents, and images into a map. Add your own observations to the map, gathering data on the fly.

A closeup photo of three sets of hands, each holding and tapping on a cell phone

Author presentations with maps

Combine maps with text and media to provide context and tell stories. Add maps to existing presentations or build ArcGIS StoryMaps stories to educate and persuade. Assemble your projects into a cohesive digital portfolio.

Four people in red polo shirts standing at a large podium onstage in front of a large aerial photo of a dense city

Build skills

Work on projects of interest while building skills for college, careers, and community involvement. Develop abilities in investigation, design, project management, analysis, technology, and more.

Two students and a teacher examine a tree stump in a field of recently felled trees

Bigfork High School Cave Club wins awards

This tiny club in a tiny town in a great big state uses GIS underground and in the classroom, earning multiple awards.

Read their story

Free software for instruction

Ready to create, save, and share maps? Get a license. Accounts are free for teachers, students, and mentors to use for instruction.

Get free software
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