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An aerial photo of a school surrounded by greenery and residential neighborhoods, and a small photo of three smiling students sharing a laptop with sunlit trees in the background

Data surrounds and influences us. Outside the classroom, students can evaluate, understand, collect, and analyze information by using GIS to turn data into maps and apps. A problem to solve becomes a project that turns kids into collaborators working on service learning, data science, and solution design.

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Explore your world

Investigate the world with 2D and 3D maps. Use map content curated for topics of interest to youth. With National Geographic MapMaker, create your own maps and share them with the club.

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A map of Southern California with the majority of the region shaded in reds, oranges, and yellows

Teach GIS skills

Set youth on meaningful and rewarding career paths. GIS technology opens up a world of opportunity for your club members.

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A map displaying a complex, interconnected network of routes

Empower project-based learning

Let youth dive into topics with solo and collaborative projects. Use GIS to explore questions, generate data, and build maps to solve problems. Build presentations to communicate your findings with each other, your community, or the world.

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A cluster map of the eastern United States displaying concentrations of data with circles of different sizes and colors

Bigfork High School Cave Club wins awards

This tiny club in a tiny town in a great big state uses GIS underground and in the classroom, earning multiple awards.

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