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Upcoming Webinars


Introducing New Tools for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Date: March – May 2024

Time: Multiple times offered

Location: Virtual

In this webinar series, join our team of experts as we discuss advanced geospatial analysis techniques to help you get more from your GIS investment. We will show you the latest advancements in spatial analytics that can help you identify hidden patterns, make predictions, and gain new insights into your data.

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Geospatial Risk Assessments to Empower Fire Departments

Date: June 12, 2024

Time: 10:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

Location: Virtual

Cost: No Cost

Language: English

This webinar will focus on empowering state and local agencies to better leverage geospatial systems to identify risk, prioritize resources, and help with hazard mitigation. Specifically, this session will cover Esri’s suite of tools and applications, including ArcGIS Solutions for the fire service, that can equip fire agencies with resources to best protect their communities.

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Engagement and Collaboration for Public Safety

This three-part webinar series explores how GIS products can enhance operations through collaboration and engagement, providing inspiring real-world stories and live demonstrations to understand how leveraging these tools can help meet many organizational challenges.


Field Operations for Public Safety

This four-part webinar series demonstrates how agencies can collect data from the field, communicate with responders, and share appropriate data for decision support and situational awareness.


Indoor Mapping for Safety and Security

This two-part webinar series demonstrates the value of indoor maps as a vital component of the next evolution of public safety GIS and a requirement toward achieving complete domain awareness.


GIS for Public Safety Operations Centers

In this three-part webinar series, our experts discuss how Esri's ArcGIS technology is used to plan, mitigate, and respond to critical events using location-based intelligence, integrating real-time data feeds, and supporting effective collaboration during the response.


Prerecorded and past webinars

The following webinars and webinar series are available now and can be accessed at your convenience.


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