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GIS for next generation call taking

GIS helps 911 systems and Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) personnel identify dispatchable addresses more quickly during unfolding events. The ArcGIS platform accurately displays available resources and provides first responders and call centers with more reliable routes, reducing emergency response times and saving lives.

Computer-aided dispatch (CAD)

Accurate and dispatchable locations can improve first responder success. More lives can be saved, crimes stopped, and fires contained with next generation 911 communications technology. Real-time, smart GIS maps help emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, police officers, and firefighters get to those in need fast—and with complete situational awareness.

Mobile field applications and FirstNet

Explore applications for event planning, operational briefings, field data collection, and situational awareness that have been designed and proven in connected and disconnected environments. Ensure you have real-time capability in your emergency communications systems with preemptive broadband networks such as FirstNet.


Explore integrated solutions that support mission-critical decisions with real-time tools designed to help maintain operational awareness within call centers. Quickly assess and analyze incidents to deploy needed resources. Educate, inform, and warn the public with maps built to scale.

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Partners in emergency communication

Esri partners offer specialized solutions built on ArcGIS to solve real-world challenges.

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