Employee and Public Safety

Leverage GIS software for proactive risk mitigation and real-time spatial awareness

Montage of a dark map with a yellow lines and a train approaching a signal at a crossing

Safeguard railway employees and the community

Railroads demand the utmost safety. Geographic information system (GIS) technology plays a crucial role in rail safety. By leveraging historical data, GIS helps identify patterns and proactively mitigate harmful situations. Real-time GPS tracking of equipment and approaching trains improves spatial awareness for the safety of both railroad employees and the public.

Discover how GIS can support rail safety and security

Awareness of public crossings

Railroads often intersect with public road crossings, and there is a growing demand for comprehensive information about these crossings. By having rail data in a GIS format, key municipalities can easily access and understand the location of crossings. This allows seamless and efficient sharing of information.

Freight cars crossing a road at a rail crossing with the bars down and the red signal lit

Real-time security operations

GIS technology provides immediate insights in case of emergencies or incidents like derailments, human caused accidents, or natural disasters. Understand the affected areas, equipment involved, and potential risks. Quickly assess the situation, identify the impacted infrastructure, and strategize the safest and most efficient emergency response strategies.

Black map of the United States showing gray patches and scattered yellow data points

Location of assets and crews

The ability to track vehicles, locomotives, and people through mobile tools and devices empowers railroad professionals to locate personnel and equipment during emergency situations. This capability is crucial as circumstances can change rapidly, and being able to locate and communicate vital information with employees can be a lifesaver during incidents.

Black dashboard with a data table, colored bars, and train symbols

Products and resources for employee and public safety

Create a safer railroad environment with these leading Esri products.


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