Rail PTC Investments

Leverage the value of positive train control (PTC) investment with GIS technology

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Get the most from your rail PTC investment

Railroad professionals can leverage internal data to create a system of record for derivative networks and databases, maximizing their investment in PTC. This PTC data acts as a reliable source of truth, ensuring the accuracy and security of data and assets. GIS technology facilitates seamless integration of business systems with the PTC database, expanding data utilization without compromising existing functionality, capabilities, and expertise.

Expand data accuracy

By using GIS technology as the system of record for the location of all physical assets, railroads can minimize uncertainty in asset counts and their spatial attribution. This includes attributes like city, state, and subdivision. Under the PTC accuracy regulations, these spatial attributes can be maintained in a single source of record. Any updates made to the system of record automatically update all connected databases, eliminating the need for duplicate editing.

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Generate derivative networks

Railroads often require multiple derivatives to support their various business systems, despite having only one representation of the physical rail network. By utilizing the base network and identifying key elements like switches, mileposts, and division boundaries, derivative datasets such as the route network and linear referencing system (LRS) can be automatically generated when changes are made to the base network.

City map showing rail lines with details of stations, train speed, and rail track grade below

Support locomotive tracking

Real-time tools enable the tracking and recording of vehicles' and locomotives' movements, providing the ability to analyze historical movements. This analysis can help identify track shifts, new construction, access to new customers, or movement onto foreign roads. It also ensures compliance with construction notification workflows or PTC change management procedures.

Dashboard displaying a satellite image of a neighborhood, train data, and track configurations

Products that leverage rail PTC investments


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