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ArcGIS can seamlessly integrate with your existing real-time business systems. Bringing that data into a spatial environment allows you to better control your real-time rail operations and analyze your performance. Whether monitoring your assets or rolling stock in real time, a centralized spatial command center lets you gain greater control over your operations. Unite key information to deliver superior service.

Situational awareness

Having an overall system view of your rail operations is critical to effective performance. ArcGIS allows you to unite data from many sources into a single operational view, so you can take greater control of your operations.

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Real-time feeds

The ability to integrate real-time data feeds on the fly is a hallmark of spatial intelligence. See real-time schedule and performance data along with real-time traffic and incident data to get an overall view of your system and take greater control of your rail operations.

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Operational performance

Increasing ridership or freight volumes is often contingent on effective performance and customer service. Esri GIS technology allows you to unite data from different business systems to help you monitor and continuously improve performance.

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Improving transportation in South Yorkshire

Using GIS strategically helps staff make informed decisions about future public transport services and publish accurate information for passengers.

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