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Safety and Security

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Providing a safe and secure system is critical to your continued success. GIS delivers a comprehensive real-time view of rail operations for enhanced rail safety and security—both in the station and on the train—for greater situational awareness. Get solutions designed to help you respond more effectively in the field and achieve better coordination among your security personnel. 

Comprehensive operational view

Rail security professionals have to address a wide range of contingencies—from those in station interiors to more remote locations along routes. The core challenge for many security professionals is integrating disparate technologies into a framework that delivers broad situational intelligence. GIS helps address this problem. Using GIS to integrate all sensor and surveillance feeds gives rail staff access to all their control systems for a comprehensive rail security operational view.

cameras inside of a train car

Incident management

With ArcGIS, you can capture, document, visualize, and understand any incident in near real time, gaining a greater ability to intelligently respond to rail security events. When an emergency occurs in a station or on the rail network, use real-time data to quickly visualize and respond to the incident.

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Mobile coordination

ArcGIS helps first responders and rail security control centers share the same information. Responders in the field can provide updates with precise location data and status while communicating with the control center in real time. All of your security personnel can share the same understanding of evolving events.

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ProRail improves transportation infrastructure

ProRail's digital twin identifies the minimum amount of track closures needed to conduct maintenance safely to keep its network moving.

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