Bridging the Digital Divide with ArcGIS

Plan equitable broadband expansion with maps and spatial analysis

Telecommunications tower

A geographic approach to broadband expansion

Prioritize, manage, and report with precision

Every aspect of building an equitable broadband network involves location and geography. Whether you are applying or have recently obtained funding for broadband expansion, Esri can support your efforts. GIS is uniquely suited to help your organization bid, plan, design, construct, and operate networks while meeting reporting obligations associated with funding applications and awards.

GIS for next generation broadband networks

ArcGIS supports comprehensive management of the networks that are needed to bridge the digital divide—from planning and engineering to operations.

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Tree-filled landscape with telecommunications tower

Strengthen broadband deployment with GIS

ArcGIS technology supports critical work during all phases of expansion as telecoms build and manage next generation broadband networks across the United States.


Designing equitable, scalable networks

Provide project managers, planners, and engineers with mapping technology and spatial insights that help them create a reliable, responsive network. Easily analyze and share information with decision-makers on timelines, cost, permit requirements, and resource utilization.


Managing construction and network operations

Leverage GIS and field applications to provide mobile teams with critical information in real time. Empower your teams to be self-sufficient and complete jobs efficiently.


ArcGIS Telecom Management

To help small and midsize telecom organizations, Esri offers ArcGIS Telecom Management. This comprehensive enterprise agreement provides the GIS software telecoms need to deploy the ArcGIS system. Use the ArcGIS Telecom Management program to build a scalable system that aligns with business objectives while optimizing your technology budget with a fixed annual price based on your organization’s size.

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Map of telecommunications assets in a neighborhood


City of Loveland fills broadband void

In one year and with ArcGIS as a foundation, the city partnered with Schneider Electric to build a new fiber provider’s infrastructure from scratch.

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