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Identify new opportunities

Revenue growth starts with understanding market demand and performing sales analytics. Next, it moves into ensuring a successful customer journey by accurately qualifying a prospect and fulfilling service. Finally, it goes into retaining and upselling the customer for continued revenue streams. Esri's ArcGIS can help CSPs increase revenue by leveraging geospatial data and marketing or sales analytics to locate high-growth areas and upsell opportunities. ArcGIS Solutions can enable presales engineers and customer sales representatives (CSRs) to qualify customers in a quarter of the time.

Increase top-line revenues with location intelligence and GIS

Coverage and market demand

Understanding market demand allows telecoms to offer the right product or service to the right customer at the right time. Improve market and revenue forecasts with geospatial insights provided by ArcGIS tools and maps. ArcGIS enhances geotargeted marketing campaigns with location analytics and rich demographic datasets.

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Community and staff enablement

Reducing churn and upselling customers drives revenue growth. ArcGIS brings location information from across the organization to the sales and marketing teams so they can make the most accurate decision possible. Boost customer engagement and improve the customer journey with ArcGIS. ArcGIS allows communications service providers (CSPs) to geographically monitor net promoter scores (NPS) and customer sentiment and better understand the demographic characteristics of their customers.

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Business intelligence

Location analytics supports sales analytics in many ways—from retail analysis to Customer 360 analysis to service qualification analysis. ArcGIS provides hundreds of ready-to-use spatial analytics tools to geographically analyze customer data and qualify customers faster. ArcGIS offers business intelligence apps for data scientists, analysts, and management teams.

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Sales and Marketing for Telecommunications

Learn how to leverage ArcGIS for successful sales and marketing strategies. 

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