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Information Technology and Location Services

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Speed the adoption of new technologies

ArcGIS technology provides a comprehensive GIS for IT

Keeping up with competition and customer expectations means communications service providers (CSPs) need to speed digital transformation efforts. Telecommunications companies can use GIS to transform faster while gaining a competitive edge by using location services and maps in new Internet of Things (IoT) technology and services for smart cities. ArcGIS enables innovative products and services through emerging technologies while supporting traditional lines of business as an enterprise system. Esri's location services and maps bring the IoT platform to life.

Prepare for software-defined networks

Authoritative geospatial data management

Business intelligence analytics and smarter operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) are becoming critical needs for CSPs. Location and maps are the common denominator across the business. ArcGIS spatially enables other systems and brings business data together through an open web services architecture that is cloud ready.

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Interoperable and extensible platform

While the requirements for GIS across the organization are growing, many GIS solutions are siloed architectures. ArcGIS is the only complete GIS platform that brings location information, maps, and location analytics to anyone in the organization through an open, containerized, microservices architecture with APIs and SDKs to integrate and extend it. 

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Innovative digital services and offerings

The emergence of everything IoT is creating new opportunities for CSPs. New digital products and services for consumers, commercial organizations, and cities can be enhanced with the power of location and maps. ArcGIS offers an open and strong developer framework to build location services into your products and services, giving you a competitive edge.

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Telecommunications: IT and New Services

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