Planning and Engineering

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Design networks leveraging location intelligence

Get one complete real-time network view to manage network build-outs from planning to design to construction to as-built

Communications service providers (CSPs) can use new tools for planning, design, and engineering. Leaders can reduce time to market through remote engineering and maintain better project operational awareness as they invest in and build out 5G, DOCIS 4.0, software-defined networks (SDN), and expanded fiber to deliver next gen networks. ArcGIS technology provides the essential tools to identify mission-critical market opportunities and assess existing capacity, helping decision-makers invest where they can maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Maximize ROI on existing assets and efficiently plan new networks

Digital twin and connectivity

ArcGIS models the entire network with spatially accurate data. It has the tools to model fiber, coax, wireless, and hybrid networks as they really are on the ground. ArcGIS offers connectivity modeling of assets in 2D and 3D supporting best practices and industry standards.

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Remote engineering and collaboration

Reduce the number of engineering field visits by bringing the field to the engineer. By leveraging ArcGIS, CSPs are delivering field information directly to the engineer's desktop. It is now possible to remotely collect field data, develop designs, create final engineering documents, and submit permits with a minimum number of field visits.

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Strategic planning and location intelligence

Whether CSPs are planning a greenfield area or upgrading networks in an existing service area, they need to evaluate revenue potential against legacy network capacity and capability. ArcGIS is ideally suited for this analysis with optimized tools for big data geospatial analysis to visualize subscriber network behavior.

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Planning and Engineering for Telecommunication

Employing a modern GIS for network generation networks.

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Ebook: Where Equity and Profit Meet

Telecommunications companies are working to bridge the digital divide. Savvy telecom leaders are using geospatial technology to inform their strategy.

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