Customer Service for Telecommunications

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Meet changing customer needs

Just as important as download speeds for today's telecom organizations are the customer experience and customer retention. Esri's ArcGIS technology can play an important role in helping a telecom organization improve its customer experience by identifying pain points, reducing churn rate, and refining its operations and maintenance. ArcGIS Solutions can support faster disaster response, reduce network downtime, and boost location-based customer sentiment analysis.

Improve customer service throughout the customer journey

Communication and engagement

ArcGIS allows CSPs to share service information, coverage availability, and outage time to restoration through visual, easy-to-use maps. This can make it easy for customers to report locations of service issues and coverage holes while allowing management teams to visualize customer sentiments.

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Geoenabled customer care

ArcGIS improves the customer experience with geoenabled customer care. Easily visualize service availability, real-time customer locations, and network outages on web-based maps that integrate with customer experience management systems (CEMs).

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Customer 360 view

Location-based customer sentiment reporting and a 360º view of the customer can give customer service representatives actionable insight into customer needs. Enrich your customer database with demographics and location intelligence while leveraging GeoAI to help predict likelihood of customer churn.

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Customer Service for Telecommunications

Leverage a modern GIS for customer service strategies.

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Utility uses simplified fiber network mapping

Kitsap Public Utility District found that cost savings to troubleshoot and fix fiber breaks amounted to up to $10,000 per commercial customer.

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