Modernizing Telecom OSS and BSS Workflows

Deliver operations and business support system integration with GIS for real-time collaboration, communication, and understanding

Telecom professional using GIS on a desktop computer and a map of the greater New York City area

A geographic approach to OSS/BSS integration

GIS tools and insights support growing demands

Organizations must identify, sell, plan, and deliver networks deeper into communities—faster than ever before—while providing transparency, accountability, and excellent employee and customer experiences. To achieve these location-based goals, service providers can use GIS to unify data in a variety of OSS and BSS software and fortify operations.

Unify OSS and BSS with enterprise GIS

Everything in telecom happens somewhere. ArcGIS Enterprise is a comprehensive software system that meets all of a telecom’s geospatial needs. Integrate OSS and BSS data to make maps, analyze geospatial data, and share results to gain understanding and quickly solve problems.

Three intersecting circles: OSS, BSS, and a circular symbol

Centralize data management

Make ArcGIS the center of your spatial data and integrate OSS and BSS software to deploy streamlined workflows that are purpose built to better collect, store, maintain, prepare, and share information in real time.

Map of telecom data

Streamline workflows

ArcGIS technology gives you the power to securely share your data with the people you choose—from specific groups to the general public.

Map-based dashboard with US metrics


Transforming the OSS and BSS digital ecosystem

Location intelligence supports the entire telecom customer journey and network rollout, from planning to fulfillment and assurance.

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