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Today's best-in-class performance will not suffice for tomorrow

Digital transformation (DX) in the supply chain requires more than incremental technology investments.

The digitally enabled, thinking supply chain is one that

  • Successfully enables visibility and transparency
  • Adopts comprehensive analytics
  • Employs cognitive technologies

The resultant benefits are substantial and include the following:

  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty
  • Superior financial performance, business growth, and lowering costs
  • Better service delivery
  • More effective new product development and introduction
  • Less system disruption and better response

The Digitally Enabled, Thinking Supply Chain

In this video based on IDC's InfoBrief Supply Chain Disruption Requires New Capabilities, Simon Ellis, IDC program vice president, talks about how modern supply chains use location intelligence to track and alert on disruptions in real time and trace products from source to end user—thus delivering predictive supply chain capabilities based on spatial data.

IDC InfoBrief

To learn how technology enables supply chain modernization and disruption and why location intelligence is a critical component, download the IDC InfoBrief Supply Chain Disruption Requires New Capabilities.