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Discover How ArcGIS Pro Can Elevate Your Crime Analysis

Join the Esri law enforcement team for this month's webinar as we introduce the latest law enforcement solution for ArcGIS. This solution is a free ArcGIS Pro add-in that can be used by analysts to conduct a series of key crime-analysis functions in ArcGIS. The add-in combines many of the most commonly used analyst tools with some new custom ones on a single toolbar to better support crime analysis workflows. On the toolbar, you will find tools to support common tasks such as implementing the automation of geocoding, querying and extracting the date and time, conducting 80/20 analysis, measuring percentage change, and sequencing and linking incidents for example, motor vehicle thefts and their recovery locations. Creating this toolbar is a part of our ongoing effort to support the analyst community, and we will continue to add new tools and improvements to it over time.

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