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Harness the Power of Data

Bring clarity to data chaos

Data doesn’t have to be scary. A location strategy synthesizes and contextualizes incoming data from IoT sensors, CRM systems, and other sources—giving your business insights that really matter. From simple spreadsheets with sales figures to big data streams with billions of records, you’ll discover a new level of meaning.

Location strategy in action


    Jobs, local economies, and opportunity

    Location strategy reveals competitive insights about how fluctuations in local job markets impact real estate.
  • Case study

    Reliable growth in the restaurant market

    Chick-fil-A uses location strategy as a part of its daily operations in real estate, marketing, operator services, and business intelligence.

    Maps deliver wireless market intelligence

    US Cellular takes a location-based approach to analyzing competitor data, forecasting sales, and expanding its retail footprint.
  • Case study

    Creating a profitable supply chain

    S Group goes below the surface of its data to assess the area of influence. Location analytics drive annual sales forecasts and network planning.

Analytics that actually matter

Actionable intelligence. Now that’s a phrase every commercial business loves to hear. With a location strategy, you can analyze seemingly unrelated data to reveal patterns, trends, and relationships impossible to see on a spreadsheet. Make smarter decisions across your ecosystem.


Powerful tools. Even better outcomes.

Map customer and business locations
Improve sales and fend off competition.
Transform Excel sheets into live maps
A new kind of business intelligence and insight.
Analyze customers and markets
Match profiles of best customers & investments.
Generate heat-maps and drive-times
Visualize the people profile near your facilities.
Perform complex spatial analyses
Find key indicators of driving growth.

ArcGIS: The platform for business

Everything in business happens somewhere. With ArcGIS, use that advantage to analyze your customers, competitors, and markets like never before. Start building your location strategy today with ArcGIS.

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