Give your students the geographic advantage.

Schools and youth clubs throughout the world are learning the benefits of including GIS in their classroom lessons and afterschool activities. GIS is a proven method to help students gain 21st century technical skills for further education or employment. It provides the background knowledge and analytic skills for tackling local and global challenges.

For K-12 schools in the United States, Esri now offers ArcGIS Online at no cost for instructional use. Learn more at

"Student engagement and learning rise when using ArcGIS Online because it encompasses the understanding of big ideas and concepts."

Enrique G. Legaspi, Los Angeles area high school teacher



GIS technology can be used in all areas, from science and social studies to math and literature plus CTE and service learning.


GIS-based projects build background knowledge and reinforce the systemized methods used in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities.


This 21st-century technology provides students with a flexible skill set that is in demand by employers today and expected to grow tomorrow.


Free ArcGIS Online for U.S. K-12 Schools

Discover how you can easily implement web based mapping to extend your existing classroom curricula in science or social studies. Esri’s instructional activities and online software are available at no cost for all U.S. K-12 schools for instructional purposes.

Learn about Esri’s commitment to the ConnectED Initiative

Esri Story Maps

Engage students with compelling interactive narratives incorporating maps and multimedia. Access story maps created by Esri, the education community, and GIS users worldwide. Create your own stories as class projects with our easy-to-use Story Map builders.

Learn more about Story Maps

ArcGIS Pro

With this full-featured GIS software, students can maximize their technical capacities and build skills toward college and career. As the industry standard for GIS functionality; the software’s powerful capabilities offer the most robust content creation, analysis, and visualization tools for projects of any type.

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