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January - March 2003
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  Focus Departments
GIS Helps Keep Communities Thriving
Many applications used by engineering and public works.
Mapping the Future of High-Tech Economic Development
Revealing the telecommunications infrastructure.
Routes, Requests, Bids, and Citations
Charlotte optimizes GIS use for solid waste services.
Coordinating Street Projects Saves California County Money
ArcIMS application tracks work in right-of-way.
San Antonio Trims Inefficiencies From Street-Cut Permitting
Online application cuts staff time by 71 percent.
Cities Find Unexpected Benefits From GASB 34 Compliance
Necessity becomes a virtue for Salt Lake City and Greene County, Missouri.
ArcIMS Application Manages Snow Removal
More efficient management and better service.
Analysis Safeguards Communications System
Identifying problems before they occur.
Water Main Shutdown Application Prevents Costly Mistakes
Application safeguards critical services.

Special Section

   Spatial Editing in ArcGIS

A Whole New World
[PDF-360 KB]
Take advantage of this new environment.
Spatial Adjustment Tools in ArcGIS
[PDF-452 KB]
New tools help improve the quality of data.
- Tutorial on spatial adjustment tools [PDF-480 KB]
- Get data for tutorial [ZIP-119 KB]
Parcel Management Using Topology in ArcGIS 8.3
[PDF-460 KB]
Build, maintain, and qualify features in a geodatabase.
Animation in ArcScene
[PDF-1.4 MB]
Visualize data in a new way.
Esri BIS Site Supplies Data and Services
Data for fueling applications.
Taming TIGER Data
[PDF-2 MB]
Create emergency management maps using Census 2000 data.
- Get data for tutorial [ZIP-46 KB]

Creating Three-Dimensional Displays With ArcScene
[PDF-2.3 MB]
Earth science data displayed beautifully.

Communicate More Effectively With Graphs
[PDF-1 MB]
Quickly make graphs in ArcMap.
Using the sdeservice Command
[PDF-68 KB]
Altering the SDE user password.

   Developer's Corner

LIDAR Image Processing Creates Useful Imagery
A data source with many advantages.
Decoding Addresses From Point Layers
An argument for increased confidentiality for geocoded data.
Using Python With ArcView 3.x
[PDF-1 MB]
Open source language extends ArcView.
Differential GPS Explained
DGPS 101 for GIS users.
Timing Is Everything: Keeping Spatial Data Meaningful
Develop a strategy to keep current.

Examining Boar Control Efforts
Mapping 26 years of park records.
Mobile GIS Improves Data Collection
Elephant researchers use customized ArcPad forms.
Online Mapping Assists Megan's Law Notification
Web sites provide public with information.
ArcIMS Scalability Supports Heavy Demand for Site
Millions visit Megan's Law site.

   End Notes

Down-to-Earth Approach Jumpstarts GIS for Dengue Outbreak
A simple start to better living conditions.

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