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Access to Better Information for Public Health
GIS helps organizations face growing challenges.
Extending Disease Surveillance with GIS
Building regional and global networks.
Calculating Health Disparity Indexes
Analyzing health data with ArcGIS and SAS.
Mobile GIS Enhances Prevention and Response for Texas County
GPS and GIS combat mosquito-borne diseases.
Spatial Analysis Optimizes Malaria Prevention Measures
Testing the effectiveness of treated bed netting.

Special Section

   Putting Spatial Statistics to Work
Using the Spatial Statistics Toolbox
Part of the geoprocessing framework.
Building Business Continuity Plans
Better tools for analyzing and responding to risk.
Extend Crime Analysis with ArcGIS Spatial Statistics Tools
Going beyond traditional crime mapping.

   End Notes

Can Geography Rescue Text Search?
Geography offers a new framework for organizing textual data.
Creating Accurate Footprints of Registered Aerial Images
[PDF-1.1 MB]
Build an image index.
-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-121 KB]
The Field Calculator Unleashed
[PDF-1.1 MB]
Take advantage of this tremendously useful feature.
New Features in ArcCatalog 9
[PDF-413 KB]
Added data management functionality.
Connecting an ArcIMS Site to an External Database
[PDF-137 KB]
A Java-based solution.

Virtual Campus 101: A Primer for Creating 3D Models in ArcScene
Model encourages campus community interest in GIS.
Web Site Coordinates Undercover Activities
Avoids interagency confrontations.
Analyzing Infill Development Potential
GIS-based tool curbs sprawl.

   Talking to Managers
Dealing with Data Distribution Issues
Strategies get data out while avoiding liability and overhead.

   Developer's Corner
A Guide to the Python Universe for Esri Users
[PDF-1.4 MB]
Many ways to use this powerful scripting language.

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