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October - December 2003
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  Focus Departments
Protecting Communities
Threats from natural and man-made calamities
Emergency Response and Planning Application Performs Plume Modeling
Pilot program integrates MapObjects and ArcView with EPS software.
Ensuring the Safety of American Agriculture
Missouri Department of Agriculture uses GIS to monitor and respond to agriculturally related events.
Online Application Improves Tier II Reporting
Online reporting system for chemical storage sites that incorporates GIS
Internet Applications Aid Homeland Security
Significant savings in time, expense, and computer resources for emergency managers
Preparing for Large-Scale Events
Embedding geospatial intelligence in hospital information systems will enhance response.

Special Section

   International Esri User Conference
Special GIS Users Come Together in San Diego
Still the largest GIS event in the world

   End Notes

Mapping the Near Side of the Moon
Stunning map of crater graces map book cover.
Lunar Data Sheds Light on Moon's History
The data behind the map
Creating Custom Tool Buttons for ArcPad
[PDF 1.1 MB]
Applets eliminate the need to modify the configuration file.
-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-6 KB]
Mapping Spatial and Statistical Distributions in a Choropleth Map
[PDF-1.5 MB]
Adding statistical parameters improves map reader comprehension.
Maintaining Parcels With ArcGIS 8.3
[PDF-680 KB]
ArcTools functionality, improved COGO handling, and topology
What Do You Want to Know? Beginning Spatial Analysis
[PDF-1.6 MB]
An introduction to one of the most powerful features of GIS

   Developer's Corner
Parameter Estimation in the Huff Model
[PDF-1.4 MB]
Applying this model correctly
SDE user Dos and Don'ts for Microsoft SQL Server
[PDF-124 KB]
Creating SDE user, mapping logins, and setting permissions
Understanding ArcIMS Virtual Servers
[PDF-656 KB]
Modify the default configuration for optimal performance.
Integrating ArcIMS and ArcWeb for Developers With .NET
[PDF-936 KB]
Take advantage of existing Internet map services.

Kenton County Leads Way in Brownfield Redevelopment
Inventorying brownfield properties using GIS
Understanding an Ancient Roman City in Tunisia
Multidisciplinary team uncovers ruins.
GIS Helps Uncover Lost Sections of the Trail of Tears
Using historical and modern maps together
Combating Urban Sprawl in Georgia
Metro Atlanta working to preserve greenspace
Data Sharing With ArcIMS Unifies State Programs
Intuitive application gives access to centralized data

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