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October - December 2007
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  Focus Departments
A Year-Round Job
Elections, geography, and GIS
An Appetite for Spatial Data
GIS organization assists campaign managers
Building a GIS-Based Election Support System
County handles a broad range of election activities
Precincting and Redistricting white paper
[PDF-455 KB]

Special Section

   Understanding Demographic Data
Changes and Challenges
Understanding American Community Survey Data
Data Evaluation Tips
Building more accurate demographic databases
Identifying Geocoding Errors
Using ArcGIS Business Analyst

   Manager's Corner
Improving Transportation Infrastructure
GIS helps access information, collect data, analyze impacts, and prepare reports

   Developer's Corner
Use Geoprocessing Tools in ArcObjects Applications
[PDF-358 KB]
This approach saves time and reduces code
Additional Resources
[PDF-51 KB]
Listings from article
Bring It On!
[PDF-1.1 MB]
Create 3D buildings in SketchUp and position them in ArcScene
Sample dataset [ZIP-6.7 MB]
Priming the Pump - Stage II
[PDF-949 KB]
Modeling and mapping concentration with fire response networks
Sample dataset [ZIP-1.7 MB]
You Can Take It With You
[PDF-293 KB]
Save locations in My Places
Symbolize Layers Programmatically
[PDF-427 KB]
Make renderers and set their properties

Improving Geocoding for Unusual Road Names
Florida county resolves unique road name issues using the Geocoding Development Kit
Bringing 3D GIS to SCADA
Inside the city of Peoria, Arizona
Understanding Land-Use Changes
Study looks at the impact of human activities on an historically important site
Blowing in the Wind
[PDF-322 KB]
North Atlantic hurricane analysis using Web GIS
Spatial Statistics Provide New Insights
Researcher sees possible links between MS and other diseases

   End Notes
Déjà Vu
Four years later, GIS use in fighting fires greatly expanded

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