L3Harris Technologies

Broomfield, CO, United States


L3Harris provides ArcGIS users with analytics, insights, and answers you can trust. As the leader in image science, L3Harris Geospatial’s scientifically-proven ENVI analytics are tightly integrated with the ArcGIS platform and used to reliably extract quantitative information from all types of geospatial imagery and data. Automated workflows make it easy to deliver expert-level results on the desktop or the enterprise regardless of image analysis experience. ENVI®: the industry standard for image processing and analysis - used to extract timely, reliable and accurate information from geospatial imagery. ENVI® SARscape®: easily process and analyze SAR data for applications like surface deformation mapping or land cover / land use monitoring. ENVI® Deep Learning: commercial software that removes the barriers to accessing deep learning by exposing intuitive tools that don’t require programming. Jagwire™: out-of-the-box, data ingest, management, image exploitation, and information dissemination tool that turns data into high-confidence decisions faster than ever before. Helios®: uses a large terrestrial camera network and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect the occurrence and impacts of hyperlocal weather on critical ground infrastructure for weather-dependent decision making. Amplify™: a platform where stakeholders within a utility can quickly access the right data to monitor infrastructure, mitigate vegetation risks and respond to natural disasters.



The L3Harris Geospatial Solutions Delivery group works with organizations around the world to accelerate geospatial innovations to solve some of the most challenging problems we face. With more than 30 years of domain expertise in remote sensing, image analytics and software development, we help clients unlock the power of data and imagery to transform their businesses and change their industries. Our customers and industry partners rely on our expertise to extract valuable information from geospatial imagery and data and develop solutions that deliver critical insights to accelerate business and provide answers they can trust. We have extensive experience handling data in many complex formats from a variety of commercial, scientific and government sources. Image Science: We take raw, remotely sensed imagery and employ traditional image analysis techniques, as well cutting-edge algorithms to deliver a solution tailored to meet your specific need or solve a business challenge. AI and Deep Learning: We have expertise in implementing solutions using deep learning technology to solve real-world problems for our customers. Enterprise Solutions: We deliver solutions to meet any geospatial data software need from commercial desktop applications to full enterprise workflows. Cloud Computing: We specialize in data acquisition, scalable processing in the cloud, and product delivery to a customer’s cloud infrastructure.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services