Demographic Mapping and Analysis in Your Infrastructure
Share spatial analytics and models. Publish demographic and consumer insight dashboards. Implement out-of-the-box web applications to collaborate internally across your enterprise and externally with clients.
Do It All In Your Own Infrastructure
Do GeoEnrichment inside your own infrastructure. Bring in Esri demographic data and more for analysis with your own proprietary or sensitive data. Do this all using ArcGIS apps such as the Business Analyst web app, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Maps for Office, and more.
Develop Repeatable Analysis Workflows
Create your custom business workflow templates that link common tasks together and provide a wizard-driven approach. Leverage prepackaged data and functions and reduce the amount of development overhead and time to deployment.
Eliminate Silos with Better Collaboration
Simplify data access through your organization, increase usage of geographic intelligence, and reduce costly business errors. Share analysis workflows with other colleagues to help reduce duplicate efforts and save time on spatial modeling.
Build Custom Web Applications
Use APIs and Application Development Framework (ADF) for .NET and JavaScript, as well as web services for mapping, imagery, geocoding, and geoprocessing to build applications for different end-use scenarios that meet your business needs. Whitepaper: Developing with Business Analyst Server
Distribute Market Analysis Everywhere
Build and customize models for regionalization, access a common data repository, and create maps, reports, and dashboards. Share market insights that help key stakeholders and executives improve business strategies.
Secure, Scalable, Flexible
Use a secure system with controlled access. Stay in control of all deployment aspects in your own IT infrastructure. Whether you have a team or an entire organization to support, Business Analyst Server is ready to scale with you. Set security permissions by user level.
What's Included
The ArcGIS Business Analyst Server Solution is everything you need to run Business Analyst on-premises or in your own infrastructure and includes the following:
Demographic Report
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Buy amazingly accurate and timely demographic reports about location in the US for $50.00 each, no subscription needed.
Light Bulb
Learn how to elevate your location-driven market insights using Business Analyst Server.
What's New
Here are some highlights from the latest release of Business Analyst Server:
Business Analyst Web App On-Premises
Use the BA web app on-premises with support for use in your infrastructure. Run BA based mapping, analysis, and reporting using your own proprietary and sensitive data behind your firewall. This will be available via BA Server 10.5 which will be a bundle of BA Server software, on-premises BA web app, and demographic data services on-premises.
Do It All Inside Your Own Infrastructure
Do GeoEnrichment in your own enterprise environment. You can bring in Esri demographic data and other supporting content (e.g. streets, administrative boundaries, and business data), and analyze it together with your own data, including proprietary and sensitive data. This workflow will be supported across multiple ArcGIS apps including Business Analyst, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Maps for Office, and more.
Support for ArcGIS for Server 10.4
Use Business Analyst with the latest ArcGIS for Server 10.4 and Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4 versions.
Publish Custom Reports
Custom Reports authored and edited in Business Analyst for Desktop 10.4 can be published to Business Analyst for Server 10.4.
Coming Soon
Esri product engineers and developers are working on more exciting new capabilities in Business Analyst Server in 2017.