Public Safety

Wildland Fire Management

Accelerating Wildfire Recovery

Making time-sensitive geospatial data immediately accessible to those working on postfire rehabilitation efforts.
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How GIS is Used

ArcGIS enables public safety personnel to more effectively carry out all types of tasks during an emergency.
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Upcoming Events

Join us at one of these upcoming events for wildland fire management.  Meet members of the Public Safety Team, see the latest GIS solutions, and network with your peers.
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Partner Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Esri's network of partners provide leading solutions to meet your industry-specific needs. Find the right partner for your industry here.
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Wildland Fire Management

Maps are essential for fighting wildfires [PDF]. You must be able to quickly answer questions such as: where is the fire and how fast is it spreading; what are the priority values to protect; and what are the risks to firefighters and the community? GIS produces maps that answer these and other questions. Yet that is only the beginning. GIS provides the capability for fast, efficient analysis, and data dissemination.

Fire planning, preparedness, mitigation, incident response [PDF], and recovery are vital functions for managing effective wildland fire [PDF] programs. ArcGIS helps wildfire agencies:

  • Develop fire management [PDF] plans
  • Enhance situational awareness and improve firefighter safety
  • Access real-time fire status and control efforts
  • Develop and implement mitigation strategies
  • Optimize resource placement and allocation
  • Develop budget requirements
  • Support incident management mapping and analysis requirements

Wildland Fire

Fighting Fires with GIS

Learn how organizations benefit from using geographic analysis and GIS for wildland fire management.

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