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GIS is a catalyst for research and career advancement in universities throughout the world. Being multidisciplinary, geospatial technology gives students the skills they need for success in further education or their chosen discipline. Applications range from climate research modeling to retail site selection, environmental impact studies, and more.

"Geospatial data and tools are essential in almost everything we do as humans, and over the past few years they have become accessible to virtually all of us on the well-endowed side of the digital divide."

Michael F. Goodchild, Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara



Universities with GIS programs offer their students the opportunity to learn technical skills that can be applied in a multitude of courses and disciplines.


According to the United States Department of Labor, the demand for graduates with GIS skills will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.


The geographic approach provides a visual context for analysis that promotes greater understanding and better methods to share results.


Esri Education Site License Program

Get access to the full ArcGIS platform with an Education Site License. A Site License is an institution-wide agreement for software, web courses, technical support and Esri User Conference passes. It provides great value, making GIS widely available for teaching, research, and campus administration.

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ArcGIS Online

Using ArcGIS Online, students have the GIS tools they need to create interactive web maps and apps. Their work can be used for individual assignments and easily shared with other students for collaborative projects.

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ArcGIS Pro

With the powerful analytic capabilities of ArcGIS Pro, future GIS professionals develop critical employment skills. Because ArcGIS sets the industry standard for GIS functionality, it is widely used in business, government, and science.

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