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GIS technology is key to developing prosperous communities and solving the world's most pressing environmental and social problems. Using ArcGIS, students and scholars collect spatial data, understand trends, predict change, compare scenarios, and propose solutions. Leading colleges and universities prepare students for meaningful careers and advance understanding of people, places, and processes ranging from local to global scales.

In geography and GIScience

ArcGIS provides modern, industry-standard GIS tools and methods for your classroom exercises and projects. Students use the same industrial-strength GIS software used by the institutions looking to hire them after graduation. Whether you're teaching GIS fundamentals or advanced concepts, from map design and spatial analysis to machine learning and data collection using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Esri has you covered. Esri provides a wide array of resources and GIS tutorials to help you succeed as an educator.

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Across the curriculum

Maps and location analytics enhance scholarship in dozens of fields by revealing patterns and relationships. These insights improve understanding and decision-making in both natural and human systems. ArcGIS provides an integrated system for data collection, analysis, and publication that's also open and extensible. Enable access throughout your institution with enterprise licensing backed up by support and training from Esri and best practices your peers have shared. 

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A framework for insight and problem-solving

Collect and combine data from many sources.
Intuitively see patterns and trends.
Explore relationships for holistic understanding.
Assess impacts and compare alternatives.
Share knowledge and inspire action.


Clemson University inspires campus-wide GIS use

Clemson University's Center for Geospatial Technologies provides campus-wide research, teaching, and outreach support for GIS.

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Learning resources

Whether you need a quick video tutorial or activities for a semester-long course, Esri has GIS resources to suit a variety of learning styles and needs. Materials cover a range of topics and capabilities and are updated frequently to align with software releases.



Empower your students with GIS

Including GIS and spatial thinking in your courses equips your students with data visualization, analysis, and problem-solving skills that are in demand across a range of careers. With this ebook, 15 Reasons to Embrace GIS as a Teaching Tool, explore how a geographic approach can provide practical tools to enhance your curriculum.

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