ArcGIS—a key part of the research toolkit in every domain

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Modern GIS tools and content support your research work with fast access to authoritative data, robust analytical tools, and communication resources to share results. ArcGIS integrates with many other scientific and engineering tools, such as R, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn. Leading researchers and scientists use ArcGIS to advance understanding of earth systems, human societies, and the interactions among them.

We are research driven

ArcGIS provides data integration, analysis, visualization, and storytelling capabilities that are uniquely engineered for data with a spatial component. Through collaboration with the research community, Esri constantly refines our tools to build on advances in theory and methods in spatial analysis, cartography and visualization, data science and computer science, and many other areas. Founded as Environmental Systems Research Institute, Esri spends about twice what the average public company spends on research and development. Our 11 dedicated research centers are at the leading edge of global innovation. 

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A framework for creating knowledge

Combine and collect data from many sources.

Intuitively see patterns and trends.

Explore relationships for holistic understanding.

Assess impacts and compare alternatives.

Share knowledge and inspire action.


Serious game play

Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology used ArcGIS to create games that are learning tools for disaster response, mitigation, and recovery.

Esri Innovation Program

GIS innovation and excellence in higher education

The Esri Innovation Program (EIP) encourages innovative educators and students to advance geospatial science in research and education, aligned to industry trends and workforce needs.


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