Online Mapping Instructional Resources

We provide free instructional resources for getting started and going farther with online mapping. Standards-based instructional materials are available for a variety of subjects to enhance inquiry-based learning for students. These instructional materials require no installations or logins and work well on any connected computer, laptop, or tablet.


GeoInquiries™ are 15-minute instructional activities using premade, online maps for subject-focused teaching. These free resources target environmental science, human geography, American literature, earth science, mathematics, US history, and world history.

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Mapping Our World

The Mapping Our World collection is a curated set of hour-long lessons for teaching world geography in middle school and above using online mapping. Extensive student worksheets and teacher materials are available. 

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Thinking Spatially Using GIS

This collection contains hour-long lessons for teaching elementary world geography with hands-on, online mapping.

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The ArcGIS Book

Explore big ideas in mapping through an interactive publication. In its second edition, The ArcGIS Book is your learn-by-doing guide to using GIS for better decision making.

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Guide for The ArcGIS Book

This guide supplements The ArcGIS Book, First Edition with hands-on instructional activities for educators.

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Learn ArcGIS

This instructional website hosts scenario-based, hands-on lessons providing free access to ArcGIS Online, trial versions of ArcGIS Pro, and other ArcGIS apps.

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