Deliver an inspiring work place.

Effective workplace planning and space management increase employee productivity. Map a floor plan that minimizes distractions and maximizes teamwork. By using seamless workplace environment maps, you will improve operations, staff productivity, and collaboration by streamlining information, product creation, and sharing.

"[Location] information at one time was dispersed in many different systems....Now we have it all integrated and available in one location."

Chris Smith, US Architect of the Capitol



Access dynamic space and asset details about a building. Use this to minimize operational cost and maximize productivity.


Boost opportunities for success with effective spatial analysis of resource allocation, proximity to key amenities, and workplace navigation.


Understand planning scenarios and current space layouts across the building in 2D and 3D.


ArcGIS Network Analyst Extension

Model time- and distance-based travel. The ArcGIS for Desktop extension ArcGIS Network Analyst helps you prepare disaster management plans for every floor of your facility. Calculate evacuation times. Identify an incident and show the route.

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ArcGIS for Server

Quickly publish and serve your building workplace location data as an interactive maps. Create a map that shows type, status, and condition information about your building space portfolio. Deliver real-time workplace status with feature map services. Build mobile mapping apps that staff, stake holders, and the public can use in their browsers. One such solution map application template is the Campus Place Locator.

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Stay on top of your workplace operations by monitoring, tracking, and reporting real-time data feeds. Whether you're concerned about a major events or keeping an eye on day-to-day activities, you can use Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to focus on what you need to know. Quickly review daily occupancy, find people, and see cost centers.

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