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The ArcGIS Platform puts better building and real property design, use and management at your fingertips. Facility-specific templates and applications easily integrate with leading facilities software (IWMS, CMMS, CAFM, and ERP) and provide a solution for mapping both inside and outside buildings.

ArcGIS can be used throughout the lifetime of a facility, from site selection to energy and sustainability. Discover how GIS can help any organization plan for and manage facilities in these three areas:

  • Portfolio: Manage assets including land, infrastructure and office space
  • Operations: Track and manage assets by location for streamlined work processes
  • Safety and Security: Provide a safe environment for building inhabitants through better allocation of resources and ensuring compliance.
  • Data Management: Collect, manage, and integrate facilities data with enterprise systems

Facility Partners

PenBay Solutions LLC

A leader in the use of GIS throughout the facility lifecycle offering both solutions and services for operations, safety & security and more.

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R&K Solutions, Inc

Facilities and real estate management solutions for capital investment, condition assessment, space utilization, master planning and cost analysis.

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Software and Services Providers

Find solutions for your facilities challenges.

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