Map your path of responsibility.

Meet the challenges of regulatory compliance and safety requirements like never before. Esri gives you high-powered visualization and geospatial analysis tools that can help you formulate health, safety, and environmental strategies. Intelligent maps can help you prepare for any eventuality and more effectively manage critical issues if problems occur. Reassure employees and regulators that safety is your top priority with detailed maps and reports that show your commitment and readiness.

"Our field staff see themselves on the map and respond."

John Blackmore, GIS Coordinator, Luck Stone



Establish the baseline for environmental surveys, archaeological reviews, and integrated field sketches.


Prove due diligence. Quickly demonstrate how your company is complying with HSE requirements. Balance your development program with remediation goals.


Swiftly and flexibly share response plans with all involved parties via a proven common operating platform approach.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Mining disaster response exercises are serious business. ArcGIS for Desktop provides the framework for disaster planning, preparedness, mitigation, and response. It is a common operating platform for integrating a wide array of data from different parties. Take advantage of a framework for sharing, planning, and reporting information in a map context.

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ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server is a proven command center platform. Incident command managers use it to provide a clear set of formal protocols, empowerments, and plans. Publish reports based on real-time data. Put infrastructure information in place that is ready to roll and can be shared by all.

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ArcGIS Online

The basemaps in ArcGIS Online provide a foundation for seeing your geospatial data in different contexts. Keep an eye on changing events, using regularly updated Landsat satellite imagery. Access data from hundreds of authoritative GIS data providers. Use the ArcGIS Online Public Safety COP template to jump-start your common operational picture GIS.

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