Sustainability in mining supply chains

A dump truck loaded with gravel driving to a work field and a map showing an estimated time of arrival of work trucks to a construction site

Mining companies manage complex supply chains and use geospatial technology to meet logistic needs. Staff use drones to accurately manage inventory volumes. They also optimize routes for fleets of delivery vehicles to minimize drive and idle times while maximizing profit. With GIS, managers can remotely monitor real-time operations to identify opportunities for improved efficiency. Promoting logistical efficiency also increases safety and sustainability throughout the global supply chain.

Optimizing the mining supply chain

Stockpile and inventory management

Efficiently manage materials and resources to keep operations moving forward. Rapidly calculate stockpile volumes for accurate business planning.

A desktop computer screen showing three stockpiles of gravel surrounded by pink 3D lines showing width and height and calculations hovering of the piles showing the resource volumes

Real-time fleet tracking & route optimization

Monitor material delivery in real time and analyze routes to find opportunities for efficiency. Optimize complex routes to reduce driving and idle time and increase delivery capacity.

A smart phone showing an aerial view of ground transportation for mining trucks and shows the real-time fleet tracking that helps reduces driving and idle time

Supply chain mapping and risk management

Mining organizations manage complex global and regional supply chains that span many geographies and transportation modes. GIS can help staff map and manage your supply chain from mine to market.

Trucks transporting cargo to a large shipping boat that is docked and loading

Market analysis

Understand market potential by evaluating business and demographic spatial data to identify expansion opportunities. Use competitor locations and driving times to understand competition and fill market gaps.

A person writing with a white stylus on a tablet while 3D graphs rise from the tablet showing market analysis and demographics


Digital elevation models bring history to life

Company uses lidar and ArcGIS to examine the chronology of land depressions in a historic mining town.

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