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A fieldwork worker crouched down on a riverbank collecting water in a water sampler, and an aerial map in the background outlining areas of interest in blue and red

Infuse location intelligence into daily operations to optimize risk management and overcome logistical challenges. Efficiently collect and monitor data such as reseeding efforts; bond release schedules; spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) tank inspections; and vendor backfilling operations. Once tracked, ArcGIS supports data sharing throughout a mining organization for seamless communication and record keeping—crucial elements of optimal environmental, health, and safety standards.

Strengthen health, safety, and environmental strategies

Environmental monitoring

Visualize spatial environmental monitoring data for air quality, groundwater, and more. Explore historical trends in sampling data to identify potential issues while maintaining a comprehensive and reliable system of record to ensure environmental regulatory compliance.

A landscape used for mining in the past now turning green with trees and grass


In mining operations, converting pen-and-paper-based inspection workflows to digital forms is essential for time savings and accurate reporting. By visualizing and monitoring inspection data, mining staff reduce risk and ensure environmental compliance. Automated report creation, email notifications, and alerts lead to efficient record keeping and quick response times.

A digital reconstruction of the mining landscape used for visualization and reconstruction

Mine reclamation

From mine closure to reclamation and reseeding, Esri technology, including ArcGIS Field Maps, ArcGIS Drone Collections, and ArcGIS Pro, enables the bond release process. Esri's GIS software facilitates regulatory reporting, ensuring that mine operations proceed while following the guidelines of state and federal agencies.

An aerial view of a deep quarry with green landscape surrounding it


Geospatial technology improves tailings management

Read how ArcGIS can help to reduce the social, environmental, and financial risks associated with managing tailings facilities.

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