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A fieldworker wearing a neon yellow jacket and tan gloves holding a rock, and a map showing red, yellow and orange areas where mineral exploration takes place

Successful mineral exploration programs require seamless access to data, collaboration among stakeholders, and intelligent processes so leaders can make timely and informed decisions and effectively manage risk. The ArcGIS suite of products and solutions enables staff to share information with internal and external stakeholders, combine disparate datasets, and integrate innovative workflows that leverage Esri's extensive platform as well as our partner and other industry-standard technologies.

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Prospecting and land-use planning

Explore, manage, and aggregate data in a common and integrated platform. Underpin your strategic land-use plan with regional environmental legislation as well as the geologic variables that will guide viability of the project.

A tablet displaying a map that shows prospecting and land use planning

Mobile work and data collection

An effective and optimized field program is constructed against the strategic elements from initial prospecting observations. Using the right tools for seamless and rapid collection in the field and merging and integrating data into a common platform is paramount to the success of an exploration campaign.

Two fieldworkers standing next to a bulldozer and looking at a tablet

Mapping and analysis

To synthesize field data, geoscientists leverage mapping and analysis tools to visualize, share, and communicate field observations in real-time. From a common enterprise platform and collaboration with key partner technologies, ArcGIS software enables geoscientists to integrate, interrogate, and analyze data to make decisions and reduce the inherent business risk in exploration.

A desktop computer displaying mapping and analysis tools in ArcGIS software

Data management and collaboration

A well-architected location intelligence strategy can scale to provide a consistent, transparent, and secure way of empowering geoscientists in their handling and managing of data within regional and global cross-functional teams. Exploration and mining company leaders need to be confident that their prospective assets are secure and maintained at all stages of the mining life cycle.

A 3D aerial view of an above ground mining facility

Success Story

GIS ensures that mining operates responsibly

The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department's Mining and Minerals Division uses GIS in its mineral exploration processes.

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