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Giant yellow dump truck driving in a quarry, and a map outlining areas of interest in the quarry

Whether in the mine or the office, you can locate, track, and manage operations and assets anytime, anywhere. Mine operations encompass many disciplines and workflows that need to be coordinated into a single decision-making stream to achieve the highest efficiency and return on investment. Use ArcGIS in mine operations to capture field data, consume live feeds from mine equipment, capture and analyze imagery, and monitor mine infrastructure—all integrated into a single system of insight, engagement, and record.

Enhance mining operations across the value chain

Blasthole planning

Effectively planning the blast for any material starts with knowing conditions in the field. Using ArcGIS Field Maps, crews can accurately log and place drill hole locations and collect pre- and postblast information. This data can then be linked back in real time to the mine planning engineer. Vendor material usage can also be monitored using ArcGIS Field Maps.

Drilling machines, bulldozers, and dump trucks work in a charred mine field

Haul road conditions

Throughout the day, the condition of haul roads changes dynamically, and being able to track areas causing unnecessary delays is essential. Through real-time monitoring, ArcGIS can effectively tell operators where to dispatch crews and resources to maintain optimal haul road conditions, resulting in greater ROI in material movement and reduced equipment repair and downtime.

A haul road showing real-time delayed areas in red, yellow, orange, and green

Heap leaching process monitoring

To obtain an optimal extraction rate, it's essential for staff to monitor the type of material and application to heap leach stockpiles. Using the visualization and analysis tools available through ArcGIS Pro, staff can analyze and track the material rate and type.

A red heap/leap stockpile at a quarry

Tailings storage facility management

Tailings storage facility (TSF) management is a key aspect of a mine's daily workflow. With ArcGIS, you can view all aspects of TSF health through the consumption and mash-up of key performance indicator (KPI) data streams, including imagery, sensor, and field inspection data.

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Building a web mapping platform

Learn how to create web maps and applications using ArcGIS Pro for mining operations.

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