• Get up and running quickly with market data, reports, and demographic analysis with an easy to use web app
  • Get the most up-to-date data and technology anywhere, anytime
  • Includes a mobile app that gives you a quick market snapshot from the field
  • Hosted and maintained by Esri. We make sure to keep it running for you 24/7


  • Includes Business Analyst web and mobile apps
  • Perform advanced demographic analysis, manage complex data, and build predictive models
  • Data package update once a year
  • Access cloud based data for the latest content updates data for 130+ countries


  • Make demographic mapping and analysis accessible across your organization and behind the firewall
  • Customize business analyst for your organization
  • Manage complex data and build predictive models in your infrastructure
  • Use the desktop, cloud, and enterprise resources together
  • Access Business Analyst Server with desktop, web and mobile apps

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Want nothing to install and a minimum set up and technical learning curve
  • Want no maintenance of hardware or software, and zero new infrastructure cost
  • Want to scale automatically to meet demands
  • Do not need to customize the product

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Need the software and an extensive geo-demographic data package installed on staff computers
  • Will implement custom workflows to meet their needs
  • Have a dedicated IT staff that will install, setup, and maintain

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Are required to store and host data only on-premises
  • Have a dedicated IT staff that will install, setup, and maintain
  • Need full control over security