Key Features

  • Use Address Coder with ArcGIS for Desktop.
  • Assign latitude-longitude coordinates to address records.
  • Append demographic data to address records and summarize them in a report.
  • Append Tapestry Segmentation codes and summarize them in reports (optional add-on required).
  • Process geocoding projects in batch mode or by single address.
  • Save project files for quick access to project settings.

Address Coder integrates Esri's geocoding technology with the NAVTEQ reference database, to append FIPS codes, latitude-longitude coordinates, and demographic data to U.S. address records. This database maps street addresses to a physical location so that each address becomes a fixed point and not an interpolation from a range of addresses. To match a maximum number of records, the geocoder uses a five-tiered address locator in a fallback approach. As illustrated, the primary locator first uses the Address Points data; if no match is accomplished, the secondary Street Address Range database is employed. Remaining records fall back to the ZIP+4, five-digit ZIP Code, and city/state locators. To learn more about your address records, summary reports are included.

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