Andrea Massey

Andrea is a writer specializing in creating web content for She’s fascinated by how writing integrates with UX/UI, and passionate about communicating what Esri is all about to anyone new to GIS. Andrea got her start writing a travel blog while working as a trombonist on cruise ships. Years of international travel established her love for (and daily reliance on) maps.

Posts by this author
Reveal: Empowering People with Visual Impairments to Navigate the World

GIS is helping empower blind and partially sighted people to navigate and understand the world around them.

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Could AI and Data Analytics Deliver Blockbuster Movies?

How Hollywood uses AI and location data to choose which films to greenlight

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Reveal: How Global Positioning Changed the Way We Map, Move, and Live

Global positioning has changed mapmaking and wayfinding and introduced the means of tracking movements at the global scale.

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Next Stop: Digital Transformation

German students or their parents or guardians use a new online survey created with Esri technology to sign up for school bus transportation.

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Finding AI Talent Using Location Intelligence

HR executives can leverage location data to identify and attract top AI candidates, despite limited supply.

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