Ben Conklin

Ben Conklin is the industry manager for Defense and Intelligence at Esri. Prior to joining Esri, Conklin was a platoon sergeant and terrain analyst in the US Marine Corps, where he was assigned to a variety of special duties and exposed to the forefront of technology. He stays in touch with the changing mission of Defense and works to advance the application of GIS to all manner of security and intelligence challenges. Before becoming defense industry manager, where he guides strategy and marketing, Conklin managed the defense solutions team at Esri where he worked on software development. Conklin holds a bachelor’s degree from American Military University and a master’s degree in Integrated Design, Business and Technology from the University of Southern California.

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COVID-19: Army Corps Uses Maps and Models to Create Surge Hospital Capacity

US Army Corps of Engineers used an enterprise GIS approach to create apps and dashboards for the hospital bed mission, uniting 52 districts.

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Cybersecurity: The Geospatial Edge

German armed forces use GIS to visualize cybersecurity threats and communicate patterns of hacker activities to help thwart malicious attacks.

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US Navy Aims to Reduce Warfighter’s Cognitive Load

GIS helps to synchronize inputs from sensors and soldiers in a common operational picture that provides real-time situational awareness.

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US Navy Integrates Diverse Intelligence Technologies

GIS provides a common operational picture to integrate inputs from sensors, individuals and other technologies to provide situational awareness

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US Navy Puts Tactical Tools to the Test

The US Navy achieved plug-and-play integration with many sensors speaking the same language and serving inputs into a GIS.

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Humans Team Up with Machines to Ensure National Security

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) creates a human-machine team to deliver geospatial intelligence, a decisive advantage.

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