David LaShell

Dave LaShell manages Esri's NYC office, where he focuses on solving urban challenges in partnership with government agencies. He has over 30 years of experience applying location intelligence to some of the largest government, utility, and transit agencies in the US. Trained as a geographer and a practitioner of geographic information systems (GIS), he now leads a team of experts applying technology, science, and GIS to address some of society’s greatest challenges—social equity, poverty, sustainability, resiliency, life-safety, education, environmental quality, and effective government. As a strategic consultant, LaShell concentrates on innovation in workforce behavior, integrating GIS with business systems, and producing measurable results by making technology accessible and practical.

Posts by this author
Smart City NYC: Staying Alert on Election Day

The NYC Board of Elections established real-time operational awareness with a GIS-based dashboard of its polling places.

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NextTech: Seeing Buildings before They’re Born

A combination of 3D technologies gives planners a view of the future that can preempt cost overruns down the road.

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How the New York MTA Manages $1 Trillion in Assets

Any executive challenged to “do more with less” will empathize with the New York MTA—and maybe learn from how it has improved subway management.

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