Steve Snow

Steve is an industry specialist for Mapping, Statistics and Imagery at Esri. He has more than 18 years of experience working in GIS, mapping, charting, and remote sensing. Prior to joining Esri, he was a commissioned engineer officer in the US Army. He was also a corp officer with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), focusing on remote sensing, surveying, and charting for the US National Geodetic Survey Remote Sensing Division and NOAA’s Office of Marine and Aviation Services. A longtime GIS and remote sensing professional, Snow focuses on applying remote sensing capabilities to solve user mapping challenges with the ArcGIS Platform.

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Future Impacts of GeoAI on Mapping

Technology is the backbone of successful mapping organizations that helps them be more productive.

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NOAA: The Digitalization of Navigational Charts for Safety, Efficiency

NOAA is leading the world in phasing out paper charts, embracing the advantages of Electronic Navigational Charts.

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As Greenland’s Glaciers Melt, Denmark Charts the Changing Waters

To keep up with rapid changes in Greenland’s melting landscape, the Danish Geodata Agency works to automate and standardize navigational charts.

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Sensors and Systems Keep Mississippi River Traffic Flowing

The US Army Corps of Engineers use GIS to take in signals from sensors to analyze barge traffic flows and improve movement.

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Automated Data Sharing Helps Commerce Flow through US Ports

US Army Corps of Engineers shares current channel information through eHydro.

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Commerce Flows through US Ports with the Help of Automated Data Sharing

An enterprise system normalizes the availability of navigation channel condition data across a complex enterprise, improving maintenance.

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