Halo Forecasting with AI: A Major Leap in Retail Planning

In the past several months, several globally recognized retailers have experimented with a new way to plan business expansion. Simple in concept yet revolutionary in its approach, this new business tool answers a long-held need.

At its core is a powerful prediction engine that calculates the revenue a retailer can expect from any potential market—or series of markets. Its distinguishing feature, though, is the ability to see across channels. In an era when brick and mortar sales and online purchases can seem like independent phenomena, this tool reveals how they’re connected.

The technique is called halo forecasting, and it combines artificial intelligence and the power of the geospatial cloud to change the way executives plan a business.

This story map explains how it works.

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Gary Sankary joined Esri in 2014 as a subject matter expert in retail after spending 30 years in the industry. Gary’s retail career started in his parent’s family business more than 40 years ago. Along the way he had an opportunity to work with Cost Plus Imports, Mervyn’s and Target Corp. where he led a number of cross-functional teams developing technology and business process strategies to support store and digital merchandising initiatives.

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