NextTech Features

Human weather as seen in highway traffic

NextTech: Mapping ‘Human Weather’ Patterns with Geospatial Analysis

Dark stores like this one could be the future of retail

NextTech: Finding the Best Locations for Dark Stores

A construction site viewed through drone footage and BIM tech

NextTech: Drones, 3D Buildings, and Construction Monitoring

Managing indoor assets through a digital twin

NextTech: A Digital Twin Aids Planning in the New Workplace

Air pollution from this source and others impact business and health

NextTech: Mapping the Business Impact of Air Pollution

Food spoilage in the supply chain threatens these bananas and other produce

NextTech: Geoblockchain and the Challenge of Food Spoilage

Parking lot analysis with AI

NextTech: Artificial Intelligence in Action for Business

CRM data analysis on smart maps

NextTech: Retailers Combine CRM and GIS to Understand Customers

How humans move through the built environment

NextTech: Visualizing Consumer Traffic

Using 3D models to view building plans

NextTech: Seeing Buildings before They’re Born

Where will climate change be felt?

NextTech: Smart Maps Show Executives the Impact of Climate Change

The 5G network buildout

NextTech: AI’s Role in the 5G Buildout


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