Business Continuity

A futuristic view of a corporate security center with holograms, digital maps

How Real-Time Location Intelligence is Changing Corporate Security

An IT map reveals relationships between employees, software, and IT infrastructure

NextTech: The Holy Grail of IT—A Digital Twin of People, Process, Tech

A smart map of climate risk

As Disaster Costs Rise, Executives Add Prediction to Planning

A drop in business travel produces empty airports like this one

Massive Drop in Business Travel Could Be Permanent

Retail businesses need to change their practices as the reopen

Five Things Retailers Should Consider When They Reopen

Digital transformation produced this GIS dashboard for Business Sweden

Digital Transformation Helps Swedish Council Advise Clients during Pandemic

A map showing COVID-19 cases and smartphone ownership

This Map Indicates Where Business Reopenings Could Pose COVID-19 Risk

Bass Pro Shops locations like this used location intelligence during COVID-19

Inside Bass Pro Shops’ Path to Business Continuity during COVID-19

creating a map for reopening the office

Think Tank: How to Reopen the Workplace during COVID-19

A rearranged supply chain represented by puzzle pieces

Will COVID-19 Rearrange the Global Supply Chain?

A city with pedestrians and shoppers returning

COVID-19: Balancing Response and Recovery

A historical underscores how the world changes

COVID-19: Taking Comfort from the Past

COVID-19 has spread worldwide

Reliable Data Is Helping Businesses Respond to COVID-19

Conference room for business decisions during the coronavirus pandemic

How Businesses Are Bringing Clarity to Coronavirus Response


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