A line of shopping carts signifies the retail industry, where in-store technology is booming

Innovating How We Shop—City by City

Identifying business opportunities in cities like this requires location intelligence

Spotting New Business Opportunities in Consumer Data

Vending machines get smarter, more creative

Coming to a Corner Near You: Data-Savvy Vending Machines

DICK’s Sporting Goods store

DICK’s Sporting Goods Strengthens Omnichannel through Brick and Mortar Planning

A smart map of a city with 3D buildings

Five Ways Smart Maps Have Changed the Business World

Crowds of shoppers explore brick and mortar retail

Gaining Retail Advantage in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Carhartt gear for recreation

Carhartt Wins in Omnichannel with Customer Focus, Location Intelligence

CRM data analysis on smart maps

NextTech: Retailers Combine CRM and GIS to Understand Customers


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