Charlie Frye

I am Chief Cartographer at Esri, and manage the Cartographic Projects Group on the Content Team. I have been with Esri in Software Products since 1994. I am currently the author of Esri's Ecological Land Unit services, global ecological content, and the World Population Estimate Services. Contact me at with questions or feedback.

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By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer At the Esri User Conference this year we showed, in our technical session on lessons learned ...

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Organizing layers with too many unique values

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer If you make zoning, soils, geology, or any of a number of kinds of maps where your data repre...

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The Integrate tool

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer I dropped a hint about the Integrate tool in the previous post and decided it was worth givi...

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Choosing an appropriate cell size when interpolating raster data

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer “If I want to create a digital elevation model (DEM) by interpolating from a point shapefil...

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Setting the Z Factor parameter correctly

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer We set the Z-Factor parameter based on our Latitude. The Z-Factor parameter is in many Spati...

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What is a basemap? What kind of basemap do you need?

Today a wide variety and diversity of base maps are proliferating with emerging Internet technologies such as mash-ups on Google Earth, ArcWeb

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